Sreejak Media

Welcome to Sreejak Media---- The most powerful medium of Indian Media needs as much powerful system to evaluate. To ensure Business, ensure Monitoring. Much classified report for multipurpose calculations. We help clients to understand Brand Impact, Business Potential, Revenue Generation, Target Audience & much more. Sreejak Media –A renowned name in Media solutions- pioneer and revelation in

  • Media Monitoring
  • Classification
  • Analysis
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Spotting
  • Verification

Sreejak Media is into monitoring of various media vehicles through automated equipments which makes its reports accurate, tamperproof, full proof and non challengeable using unique technologies with minimal human interventions. We provide complete solutions to our clients so that they can monitor their task from their home or office. We satisfy our client’s need efficiently and intelligently. Different wings of Sreejak Media :

  • Sreejak OOH Wing
  • Sreejak Television wing
  • Sreejak Radio Wing
  • Sreejak SMS Wing
  • Sreejak New Media Wing

Sreejak provides a complete range of consulting and monitoring solutions across India. Sreejak has an in-depth knowledge of various monitoring/classification/ impact evaluation techniques and subject matter areas. We are able to maximize our delivery capabilities as per clients need.