Sreejak's deep-rooted understanding and experience of serving the monitoring needs of clients and agencies across all the verticals ,resulting understanding of the intricacies associated with this domain make our monitoring solution the most efficient and productive solution in the industry providing a significant Return on Investment to you!.

Sreejak Media Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of services for the clients associated with Advertising. What distinguishes us is our spirit for excellence. We believe, if we can create a great monitoring experience for our client, our achievement is more likely to succeed.

Sreejak's deep-rooted understanding and experience serving the monitoring needs of MNC's and other agencies across all the verticals and the resulting understanding of the intricacies associated with this domain make our, monitoring Solution the most efficient and productive solution in the industry providing a significant Return on Investment to you!.

  • Measurement Of Live Listenership DATA of Radio Channels.
  • Impact Assessments /Evaluation /measurement of media campaign released.
  • Content Verification and Monitoring of TV channels and Newspapers.
  • Spot Monitoring/Verification of FM & TV channels.
  • Monitoring, Identification, Mapping, Classification of Out Of Home media
  • Monitoring and Impact Evaluation of New Media.
  • Monitoring and verifications of SMS campaigns

Outdoor Monitoring
We use state of the art technological support to ensure Zero Manual Interferences for Outdoor Monitoring Verification. First in its class, Sreejak Media brings Geocoded Timestamped GPS Coordinated Footage & Snap supported Outdoor Monitoring System. It ensures our client More Live Classified information to calculate ‘Value for Money and Impact for Value’. Sreejak Media covers 360* sites through technically advanced equipments having STS equipped operations which nullifies the scope of errors/human interference and makes this system foolproof, accurate, tamperproof and reliable.

We ensure to address the core objective of reaching out to the target group by the out of home mediums.

We provide Campaign’s Technical & Physical Evaluation as per the availability, visibility and effectiveness of the sites.

We classify the Outdoor media in never before manner.

Electronic Monitoring (TV)
Sreejak Media owns one of the Class Technology for TV Monitoring. The 100% Electronic Integrated System helps to deliver reports with zero human interference. It provides Content Monitoring & Spot Verification with Time-stamped Footage & Snap.
SM is having World’s Best Technology for downlink recording the available Indian TV channels. Client base service gives foolproof report, verification & certification for the required competent authorities. We are the First & Only agency for TV Monitoring which provide physical proof of the spot or content. The best, useful & compact classification of the reports help clients to calculate utmost records for commercial, business, impact & content verification.

Print Monitoring
Serveys sometimes do not help, while you need to know the need of advertisement. Sreejak Media guarantee you to follow the advertisement you pay for.
You must ensure about the publication in satellite, multi city & outstation editions. We classify with page, impact, quality, size, column positioning & multi edition publication with real scanned copy. Ad positioning matters while you get the same what you pay for. Photo genesis Technology helps you to get real report of publication.
On client based service we provide Circulation, Impact, Paper Quality & Image evaluation.

We calculate Print Monitoring such as:

  • Publication
  • Multi Edition Carriage
  • Ad Positioning
  • Column & Page Positioning
  • Paper Quality
  • Print Quality
  • Radio Monitoring
  • Very soon we are going to launch Radio Monitoring with actual listenership. The advanced application based technology will change the method to calculate Radio Market. Our service will provide 360* solution for Radio Monitoring. 100% electronic data gathering service will ensure actual records with useful classification.

    Other Services

  • Brand Perception Building
  • Media Planning
  • Media Auditing
  • Technological Support
  • Production
  • Bouquet Marketing
  • PR Management